mKart Marine Navigation

Android, iOS and Windows free marine navigation application.

About mKart Marine Navigator

mKART is easy to install and use navigational software for mariners with the fastest chart engine using hybrid ON/OFF sea maps concept. Other outstanding features are customization and 3D viewing of nautical maps.

S-57 ENC quick loading

3D-models and relief

3D bathymetry

Marine weather forecast

Safety area highlight

AIS and VR/AR mode

Nautical Charts Providers

mKart supports the wide selection of nautical charts providers.

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mKart Features

Free Marine Maps

Online nautical charts are being installed automatically via Internet by customer’s position or while browsing and stored for off-line use. No action is required from users side, updating is performed in the same way.

Osm And 3D Marine Charts

OSM and 3D marine charts are uploaded and displayed automatically in areas when available. 3D buildings, ships and infrastructure contribute to better seafarers orientation and awareness.

Marine Route Planner

Save time with integrated sea and river auto routes functionality. Safety checks is implemented along with route monitoring functionality and warning system.

3D Bathymetry Maps

3D is not a game, make use of increased ‘look ahead‘ without zooming. Increased situational awareness in complicated situation. Use 3D sea bottom feature on your marine chartplotter for better performance.

Safety Areas

Display safety area is filled up graphically on the sea map by only safe depth. Safety zone is calculated trough 3D sea bottom model.

Marine Traffic

Marine traffic data can be obtained from open AIS streams over Internet to display and identify dangerous targets.

Compass Mode

Get a quick look around while boat navigation with advanced VR option for better orientation and using visual aids for navigation effectively.

Marine Weather Forecast

mKart online services allows to deliver highly detailed weather forecast directly to the marine chartplotter.

Software Development

mKart is successor of dKart Office, popular on international hydrographic solution, developed in cooperation with C-Map group. After
C-MAP s.r.l. was sold to Boeing Jeppesen Company technical team started business on automotive market with innovative telematic system CityGuide. The  basic principal confirmed by patent is used by all major players - Google, Waze, Yandex, etc.

mKart belong to Geophone International OY, Finland. SW Development office resides
in St. Petersburg, Russia.

mKart is the basis for OEM programs development to be compliant with specific customers’ requirements. Company’s SW development team has big and positive experience working with geo-referenced data in different areas on the international market including - marine and automotive market, logistics, tourism, geology, geodesy, off shore industry, fishing, special navy and police applications, etc.

Program’s development goes fast, professionally and at reasonable price. It will be a pleasure to make a personal solution for you meeting your expectation and beyond.

App Guide

mKart Marine Navigator app Quick Guide


To get access to additional maps, register in the mKart and enter the password received by email.

Swipe control

Switch screens with simple vertical and horizontal swipes.

No Go Area

Set up your No Go area quickly.