Discover the power of ENC - Safe and accurate navigation for a stress-free voyage

mKart app: The Easy Way to Access and Sync Nautical Charts

mKart makes PRIMAR ENCs service mobile and affordable
The safety of navigation 100% depends on the quality of electronic charts used. Therefore, mKart based on PRIMAR official ENCs published by National Hydrographic Services worldwide.

I addition unofficial maps portfolios are available - Norway, USA, Estonia, etc. ENCs purchase is part of Click&GO concept and can be performed via WEB Console – Select, pay and get data on board in few clicks and moments.

mKart also offers solutions for OEMs and stand-alone applications facilitating ENCs service and delivery.
The mKart user can select, buy and get data on board via just few clicks and in a few moments.
mKart WEB Console is used for ENCs purchase and data being synchronization between mKart family and with OEMs products. It provides cost optimization; 24/7 customers support and on-line service.

WEB Console also works as fleet management solution to share ships information, make reports and voyage planning.

It is very easy to purchase ENC for mKart
In order to get stared App customer should pass a registration via e-mail. One should submit e-mail in App, get password on it and activate received password on the mobile device. Another option is registration on the WEB Console.

After registration is done some ENCs can presented for trial automatically but in order to purchase electronic maps for the specific area or destination, customer has to make it by its own on the WEB Console.
After ENCs are bought and uploaded on the device customer will get access to navigational functions. In case he sails without routing SW will trigger alarm and alerts only in case if dangerous situation is detected as potential collision with AIS, ground or costal objects. Along with alarms program automatically will generate recommendation to follow to avoid dangerous situation. Besides of above customer can pull up depth profile window from the bottom and get access to simulation functions.
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mKart is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
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