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New mKart version 1.8 for iOS and Android.
What's new
We have added the ability to purchase an ENC via the GetENC service to the app. Now buying a PRIMAR charts has become even faster and easier.

The Get ENC is designed to make marine navigation a breeze, with fast and convenient access to Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) for SOLAS ships, leisure boats, sailors, ship operators, and marine enthusiasts.

Product Main Features:

Benefit from the simplicity of direct purchase, ensuring you have the charts you need for your sailing missions.
Experience instant delivery, so you can chart your course without delay.
Take advantage of competitive and transparent pricing, with a commission rate of just 7% regardless of paying method.

Let the app handle the intricacies of navigation with automatic route planning between your selected starting and finishing points.
Seamlessly select the appropriate ENC based on your voyage, ensuring accurate depth and nautical information.

Gain access to PRIMAR electronic charts for global coverage, all available for purchase directly within the app.

Get ENC provides versatile support across multiple platforms, including our web version, mobile app and PC software, catering to all your online and onboard navigation needs.
Article "The Best Free Marine Navigation Software"
We are excited to announce our latest article on the evolution of marine navigation and the impact of technology, featuring the introduction of a game-changing marine navigation software, mKart.

Traditional marine navigation methods using paper charts and compasses have been replaced by advanced technology that has made sailing safer and more efficient than ever before. One of the best marine navigation software available today is mKart, which is free, reliable, and easy to use.

In our article, we highlight the key features of mKart, including automatic route building, event feedback, and safety control. The software's safety control feature keeps hazardous objects and collisions under control, generating a NO GO Zone on the map to avoid accidents. The weather function provides up-to-date data on temperature, wind speed, and weather forecast for the next few days, helping sailors plan their journeys better.

We also discuss mKart's Route Editor and 3D Projection features, allowing sailors to plot new routes or fix existing ones easily. The graphical user interface is designed for mobile devices and can be operated mostly by one finger.

In conclusion, mKart is a reliable and efficient tool that can help sailors navigate the seas safely and efficiently. It is revolutionizing the marine navigation industry with its advanced features and capabilities. Don't forget to check out our latest article for more information on mKart and its impact on marine navigation.
Revolutionizing Marine Navigation with mKart
New mKart version 1.6 for iOS and Android.
Released new mKart version for iOS and Android with AIS targets support.
Added AIS target support function to mKart
New mKart version 1.5 for iOS and Android.
Docking functionality was added to the new mKart free marine navigator version for iOS, Android.

Docking function added to mKart
New mKart version 1.4.
Auto routing algorithm mKart is based on NO GO area zone automatic calculations where all potentially dangerous objects taken into account.
mKart with improved auto-routing was released.
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