The Best free marine navigation software

Marine Navigation and its Evolution with Technology

Marine navigation is an essential aspect of sailing that helps sailors stay on course and avoid dangers. Traditionally, marine navigation was done using paper charts and compasses. However, with the advent of technology, marine navigation has become much easier and more accurate. Nowadays, there are various marine navigation software available that make sailing much safer and more efficient.

Introducing mKart: A Free and Reliable Marine Navigation Software

One of the best free marine navigation software available today is mKart. This mobile application is based on high automation, excellent usability, and high graphical performance. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with minimal interaction required from the sailor. mKart is a reliable and efficient tool that can help sailors navigate the seas safely and efficiently.

Key Features of mKart

The key features of mKart include automatic route building, event feedback, and safety control. The navigator can point out their destination on the map, and the program will automatically build a route and provide guidance along the way. The voyage is presented as events' feedback, requiring the sailor's attention only when it is necessary. The graphical user interface is intuitive and brings interaction with the program to a minimum, making it easy to use for sailors of all experience levels.

Safety Control and Weather Functionality

One of the most important features of mKart is its safety control. It keeps hazardous objects collisions, including dynamic AIS targets, under control to avoid any accidents. The program generates a NO GO Zone that is automatically displayed on the map in accordance with the ship's draught and air clearance. If the program detects a dangerous approach, alarms will be triggered, along with recommended COG and SOG to avoid the danger path. The recommended track is also plotted on the map in an alternative color.
Another important feature of mKart is the "weather" function. This function provides sailors with all the necessary information about weather conditions in their region or anywhere else on earth. The program uses up-to-date weather data and provides information on the current temperature, wind speed, and weather forecast for the next few days.
This information is very important for sailors, and the "weather" function in mKart offers accurate and up-to-date data to help sailors consider weather conditions during sailing.

Route Editor and 3D Projection

By means of the Route Editor, sailors can plot new routes or fix existing ones. The auto-routing function is here to calculate the route from A to B, and the number of functions makes route adjustment simple and effective. All operations are subject to automatic safety control. In addition, mKart automatically calculates the optimal trajectory and starts generating guidance and recommendations while approaching the destination. The docking position can be set via a click on the map and selection in the context menu. Then, via map shift and rotation, accurate ship berthing places can be adjusted.
mKart's graphical user interface is specially designed for mobile devices to be operated mostly by one finger – scale, shift, zoom, and incline are intuitive and effortless. The 3D projection is an extra feature that is very effective for navigational awareness and for presenting information in a way that looks around. 3D allows sailors to get more information on small screens than on big monitors in traditional 2D projection. 3D sea bottom models and shore's infrastructure are good for awareness and help avoid severe orientation mistakes.


In conclusion, mKart is one of the best free marine navigation software available today.

However, it is important to note that sailors should not rely on it 100% and must take all necessary measures and precautions under their personal control. mKart cannot guarantee automatic 100% safety and should be used only as cyber assistance to help sailors at sea. Regardless of how the route was calculated, mKart keeps constant safety control automatically while sailing.
06 april 2023
Author : Richard Branson